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Dob's Brake & Auto Center in Oxnard, California is an auto repair shop that provides quality car repair services. They have highly experienced mechanics who offer excellent service to their customers. It is a reliable place for all automotive needs.

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Reviews for Dob's Brake & Auto Center

jose s.
jose s.

I was able to do a good deal for replace all my brake pads for only $600 best part is have warranty for a year

coastal p.
coastal p.

Memo is top notch. No bs great prices and always gets the job done in a reasonable amount of time. What more could you want?

concerned c.
concerned c.

Over-priced. Went in for transmission work and they offered a used/refurbished transmission for $5k and they were very transparent about them being unable to program the car and “mickey-mousing” a solution. We rejected this offer and went to their competitor that did it for $2k less, plus it was a brand new transmission, and they programmed the car to factory specs. A few months later i got a quote for replacing a single ignition coil for the ridiculous price of $680. I declined this and went to their competitor that did it for $100 (I provided the parts), plus they offer warranty on their work. Lastly, my sister went in for a brake job. They performed the work and returned the car with squeaky brakes and a grinding feeling when the brake pedal was pressed. I had high hopes for these guys, but they are your typical crooked mechanic shops you get warned about!!!


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Dob's Brake & Auto Center
330 S Oxnard Blvd
OxnardCA 93030

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