Auto Repair in dadeville

Dadeville, Alabama is a charming small town located in Tallapoosa County. With a population of approximately 3,200 residents, Dadeville is known for its close-knit community and Southern hospitality. The town boasts several auto repair shops and experienced mechanics, ensuring its residents have access to reliable and efficient vehicle servicing. These local establishments offer a range of services, including general maintenance, repairs, and diagnostics, allowing the residents to keep their cars in top-notch shape.

Facts about dadeville

  • State: Alabama
  • County: Tallapoosa
  • Incorporated: Yes
  • Timezone: CDT
  • Population: 3.1K
  • Density: 192/mi2
  • Auto Repair Shops AutoRepairScore Shops: 1

Top Auto Repair Shops

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Lamar's Auto Repair & Services

12 reviews
564 McKelvey St
Dadeville, Alabama

Lamar's Auto Repair & Services is a renowned auto repair shop located in Dadeville, Alabama. It offers reliable auto tune up services, as well as specialized car repair t...